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Attack em Baits Debut

Well, the idea of starting a new company is always full of excitement, fear, etc. That's what I have done my whole life. My name is Eric Bingham and I am starting a company called Attack em Baits. I have been fishing ever since I can remember. I have loved the mountains and deserts of the western United States. I have lived in Utah my whole life, and have grown

to love the outdoors. Fishing was just an added bonus, and fishing with my dad and grandpa was made me who I am today.

I have been making different kinds of fishing lures ever since I was a young man. I thought of doing what I love (making fishing lures) and just maybe making a little money at it was an awesome feeling. So hear we are jumping in to an adventure that will surly have it's up's and down's, but in the end I think I will learn alot and have fun. Hang on for the launch of Attack em Baits, a complete soft plastic, hard bait, and apparel company located in the awesome state of Utah. Feel free to jump on the website and let me know how we can better serve our customers. Thanks Eric Bingham

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